Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two by Robert Indermaur

I stumbled across of a book of Robert Indermaur's paintings a few years ago and still find him to be one of the art world's best kept (figurative painter) secrets. His work is playful and loose. The characters are usually involved in some ambiguous narrative, often involving looming architecture. And while they often don't appear to be the most intelligent - they do appear to be happy. Happy and dumb.

Robert Indermaur's Paintings

Nischengasse/Schaufenster, by Robert Indermaur (Swiss)
Oil on canvas (2007)
180cm x 180cm

Uberflieger, by Robert Indermaur (Swiss)
Oil on canvas (2005)
180cm x 250cm

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"They Journey," by Michael Borremans (2002)

Michael Borremans
The Journey
17,0 x 24,7 cm
pencil, watercolor, white and black ink, varnish on book cover

Michael Borreman's work