Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two by Emil Robinson

Emil Robinson is a Cincinnati painter and a good friend of mine. We've had the chance to co-exhibit a couple of times now, which is a real honor. One of the things I really appreciate about Emil is that he deeply believes in painting. In contemporary art, painting (especially realist painting) has been under attack for some time now as an art form that has had it's day and must now be buried away in old museums. It's refreshing to know someone who side-steps this critique and holds fast to the importance of painting.

Emil Robinson online

"Waterbowl" by Emil Robinson (2007)
20" x 16" - Oil on panel

"Showered" by Emil Robinson (2007)
30" x 28" - Oil on panel

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Denis Ichitovkin is a contemporary Russian realist painter. I have not been able to find many of his paintings online, but what I have found are a powerful testament to his keen observational skills and his confidence in the poetry of mundane places. I am particularly impressed with his compositional structures - he manages to create ordinary spaces that we understand easily, yet they are abstracted by his emphasis upon the geometric division of the canvas.

Denis Ichitovkin online

"Smoking Place"
Oil on canvas
80x69 cm

"Visiting Grandmother"
Oil on canvas
83x72 cm

"Smoking Place. Stairs"
Oil on canvas
84x57 cm